Virtual bookshelves appear at Moscow Metro Stations

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Until the end of the year, virtual bookshelves will be displayed at all Moscow metro stations and in carriages of fittings. Passengers will be able to get free access to the masterpieces of Russian and world literature, including Alex Pushkin, Lev Tolstoy, Marina Cvetayeva, Mark Twain, Jack London, George Sand and other famous authors, using a smartphone application and scanning QR codes on posters on bookshelves. It works.

Roman Latipov, deputy director of the underground railway network in Moscow, said that the implementation of the Books in the Subway project started at the already named Rashkazovka station, which is reminiscent of a library. He added that, last year, 30 posters were placed on the newly opened Moscow Ring Rail Fittings, which, with success, decided to widen the service. According to his words, “they allow passengers to shorten their time by reading literary works”.

The possibility of reading in underground transport is also enhanced by the fact that passengers on the Moscow Metro can leave their books read on live scaffolds, from which others can take them. The first such shelves were placed in the city center Pushkinská and Tverszkaja metro stations in 2017. Now you can place and record volumes on 13 points. There is also free WiFi in the Moscow Metro, as well as public transport by bus and trolley from the Russian capital. The network was unified in October 2016.

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