He returned a woman’s sea phone to the mysterious beluga at the Norwegian coast

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The mysterious beluga, which a Norwegian fisherman has recently been able to remove, has not escalated from the Norwegian coast. The white dolphin appeared in one of the northern islands where he approached fishing boats several times. The Norwegian fishing authority’s staff tried unsuccessfully to help the animal, which was finally managed by a local fisherman, Joar Hasten, to pull down the two straps attached to him. The equipment removed from the inside, which has also been identified as a camera holder, has been sent to the competent Norwegian authority, which is trying to shed light on the unusual case.

Professor Audun Rikardsen, professor at the Arctic University of Norway, praised the efforts, saying the dolphin was still young and the strap would have caused her suffering. The caption of the equipment revealed that it was made in Russia, so the researcher contacted his Russian counterparts, who said the dolphin could be in the service of the Russian Navy.

Although it has not been possible to prove beyond any doubt how or why it came to the Norwegian island, it is certain that it is accustomed to the presence of people, dare to sail close to the ships and look for the company of people in the harbor, letting the nose caress.

In the days, he was very surprised by some of the youngsters who arrived in Hammerfest harbor specifically to observe the world-famous gorge. The curious animal came up nearby, and even hurried to help one of them, when he accidentally dropped his cell phone while trying to capture the cetace.

The white dolphin unexpectedly struggled after the object that was brought into the water and brought it from the bottom and returned to its owner, causing little shock.

“Everyone was so surprised. We didn’t want to believe what we saw. I was very happy and grateful to have returned my phone even if it became inoperable, ”Ina Mansika told The Dodo.

The Norwegian authorities are constantly monitoring the belief in the fate of the Beluga and are hoping that they will come back later and join a wild beluga family. However, the authorities are concerned that the white dolphin cannot get food for itself: it looks like a trained animal that is used to feeding. Professionals are considering whether to take additional measures to help the animal. The officials added that if they were not able to succeed on their own, they would be transferred to an Icelandic facility.


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