William Barr: Serious irregularities occurred in the prison where Epstein died

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Serious irregularities occurred in the prison where Jeffrey Epstein died, US Secretary of Justice William Barr said at a news conference in New Orleans on Monday.

The minister said he was “angry” that Manhattan Prison could not keep Epstein alive. “We are at the end of what happened and there will be prosecutions,” the ministry leader promised.
William Barr also confirmed what Geoffrey Berman, a New York prosecutor, had said earlier that the crimes he was suspected of would continue, so that other defendants would not be able to escape justice. “The investigation continues against anyone who was Epstein’s accomplice. No one who cooperates with him can rest, the victims deserve justice and will receive it,” Barr said.
Jeffrey Epstein, 66, accused of trafficking in human beings and damaging minors, was found dead in his cell on Saturday. He was unconscious, immediately transported to the hospital, but could not be rescued. Police officially report suicide, but Dr Barbara Sampson, a forensic medical expert, said Sunday night that the cause of death after autopsy could not be clearly determined, and further information is needed.
Secretary William Barr announced on Saturday that an investigation into the suicide was underway and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has begun an investigation. According to US press reports, Epstein’s girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, a British, American and French nationality, daughter of the late Robert Maxwelll, a press mogul, is currently being heavily investigated. According to testimony from Epstein’s former victims, he was the “madam”, that is, he organized and recruited the underage girls and repeatedly participated in it.
The Epstein scandal also reached abroad. On Sunday, Buckingham Palace denied that II. Elizabeth’s son, Prince Andrew, would have used the “services” of the Epstein-organized minors. On Monday, two French ministers also called for a French investigation into the case, arguing that the US investigation had uncovered links there.
By the way, Epstein had a luxury apartment on the elegant Foch Avenue in Paris. According to press reports, a Parisian inasa stole her address book, which contains the names, addresses and phone numbers of several local contacts.

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