Yoko Ono is ringing for peace

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On the initiative of Yoko Ono, the Manchester International Festival opens with a ring of peace on Thursday, BBC News said.

The organizers of the festival gave the name “The Bells of Peace” to the event, on which thousands of people will play their bells on Thursday evening.
“When we were celebrating my girlhood, we were always ringing. Peace is also a celebration,” said a 86-year-old Tokyo artist who is unable to appear personally at the opening due to his bent age, but will instruct the participants of the concert through video on projectors.
The event will be held at the Cathedral Gardens in Manchester, near Manchester Arena, where a suicide bomber exploded in 2017 after Ariana Grande’s concert. The terrorist attack had 22 deaths.
Ono explained that he wanted to be part of the celebration “because Manchester is strong and energetic”. The event, in its view, can “create an incredible vibration” that can change the whole world.
The co-organizer of the Peace Bell event, Emily Lim, stressed: Ono considers it important that people do not remain passive.
The festival produced four thousand hand-engraved bells for the event, which were handed over to volunteers, and asked the other participants to bring their bells, whatever their bikes, or at least to the concert of their phone.
The Peace Bells event is the opening of an 18-day art festival, broadcasted live on the BBC’s website from eight o’clock in the evening, at midnight.

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